Acting Vice President of Instruction: Lisa R. Cook

Executive Staff Assistant to the VPI: Jamila Saleh

Division Structure 2023-2024


Division I
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dean: Dr. Chriss Warren Foster:  D217, (510) 436-2609
Staff Assistant: Denise Woodward, D216, (510) 436-2425

Dept. Tri- Chairs: Dr. Hilary Altman,, Monica Ambalal and
Sheila Metcalf-Tobin

Dept. Chair: Inga Marciulionis,, F205, (510) 434-3849

Dept. Co- Chairs: Neal Skapura and Todd Johnson,  F212, (510) 436-2657

Ethnic Studies
Dept. Chair: Jason Seals,, A203, (510) 434-3935

Merritt College @ Fruitvale
Coordinator/Outreach: Brenda Mora, (925) 587-6387 (Google Voice), 2325 E. 12th Street, Suite 202 Oakland, CA 94601

Human Development
Dept. Chair: Michelle St. Germaine,

Education Technology
Dept. Chair: TBD

Learning Resources
Dept. Chair: Mitra Mofidi,
Learning Center Director: Isela Gonzalez-Santana,   

Dept. Chair:  Adoria R. Williams,, (510) 619-8789 (Google Voice)

Social Sciences
Dept. Chair: Janine Nkosi,

Dean: Dr. Chriss Warren Foster, (Counseling Classes)
Dept. Chairs: Leslie Scurry & Sara Alturk

Division II
Math, Science, and Technology

Interim Dean: Diane Chang
Staff Assistant: vacant

Biology & Chemistry
Dept. Chair: Dr. Arja McCray,

Landscape Horticulture
Dept. Co-Chairs: Laura Forlin (510) 436-2418 and Chris Grampp, H107, (510) 436-2593
Staff Assistant: Sharon Clegg (temp), (510) 436-2418

Mathematics & Physical Sciences
Dept. Chairs: Taslima Rehman and Dan Lawson, S-320

Natural History & Sustainability
Program Director: Benjamin Nelson,

Dept. Chair: Fereshteh Mofidi, (925) 247-4240

Real Estate
Dept. Chair: Angie Williams,

Dept. Chair: Beverly Brooks,

Division III
Allied Health and Public Safety

Interim Dean: Angela Khoo, S440, (510) 436-2515
Staff Assistant: Vacant, (510) 436- 2513

         *Staff Assistant (ALLIED HEALTH): Waaduda Karim, S343, (510) 436-2422

Biosciences (BIOSC) (043000)
Dept. Co-Chairs: Dr. Gisele Giorgi, Feather Ives,

A.D. Nursing (NURS) (123000-020)

Medical Assistant (MEDAS) (120800)

Nutrition & Dietetics (NUTR) (130600-660)

Radiologic Science (RADSCI) (122500)

Community Social Services 
Dept Chair: M. Biancca Parazo,

Legal Administration
Dept. Chairs:  Mildred Oliver,  and Linnea Willis, (510) 434-3936

EMT/Fire Science(FISCI)(213300-350, EMT-125000)
Program Director: Demond Simmons,


Student Services
Vice President: Dr. Lilia Chavez
Staff Assistant: Vacant
Location: R-113E
Phone: (510) 436-2478
Dean of Enrollment, Ree’shema Thornton R-113G,
(510) 436-2585
Director/Student Activities & Campus Life: Doris Hankins
R-124, (510) 434-3982