Biology is the science of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution. Students may take courses to prepare for a biology major, to fulfill general education requirements, and to meet prerequisites for related courses. 

Using evolution as its paradigm, the Biology Department provides a supportive, challenging, and stimulating environment in which students are able to acquire a strong foundation in biology. This foundation includes instruction, development of critical thinking skills, and training on cutting-edge equipment to prepare students for transfer to 4-year institutions or provide access to fulfilling careers in medical, nursing, radiological sciences and other biology-related areas. We also wish to promote natural history both locally and internationally.

Career options include health-care professions, biotechnology industry, medical research, wildlife conservation, marine sciences, and education and are ideal for anyone interested in natural history and for those seeking careers in field biology, ecology, and science teaching, including park and museum docents and more.

Biology Certificates:  
Natural History and Resources Certificate of Achievement