Mission Statement

Merritt College puts students first. Through our rich educational programs, we foster a culture of equity and inclusion that empowers students to achieve their greatest potential and make meaningful contributions to their respective communities and our global society.


Merritt inspires students to create meaningful lives including fulfilling careers, community participation, self-expression, and a love of learning.


Equity Commitment

Believing that it is our obligation to our students to confront societal racism and discrimination, we commit to the intentional and relentless application of equity and social justice as we cultivate academic excellence, self-determination, and informed civic engagement.


Merritt College Core Values 

  • Student Access and Success – We provide rigorous and engaging in-person and remote learning experiences that support the academic and personal achievements of our students, as well as advances in retention, persistence, and completion.
  • Equity – We commit to supporting all of our students with the instruction, guidance, and resources that they need to achieve their educational goals.
  • Inclusion – We encourage every member of the campus community to adopt our shared commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences, and to contribute to the ongoing success of the College through participatory governance.
  • Diversity – We honor and respect the broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, languages, values, and cultures reflected by our campus community.
  • Social Justice – We strive to create a student-centered learning environment that supports equal opportunity and systemic change.


Strategic Goals

Merritt’s new strategic goals are directly aligned with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Vision for Success goals.

  1. Completion – Increase number of degrees and certificates by 20% over the next 5 years.
  2. Transfer – Increase transfers to CSU and UC by 6% annually. (Reach approx. 35% in 5 years).
  3. Time to Completion – Reduce the number of excess units earned by students.
  4. Employment – Maintain at least 82% of students attaining employment in the field of study.
  5. Equity – Reduce the achievement gaps for African-American, multiethnic, and male students.