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District Curriculum Handbook

Merritt’s curriculum development and approval processes comply with the California Education Code, California Code of Regulations Title 5, California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office’s Program and Course Approval Handbook (7th Edition), and Peralta Community College District’s Program and Course Approval Handbook (4th Edition).

Faculty have the “primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards” [CA EDC § 70902(b)(7)]. Faculty members are only authorized to develop curriculum in their faculty service area of record.

Approval of curriculum is a time-consuming process. Due to the various stages of review required by statute, regulation, and policy at both the local and state levels, new curriculum or major changes to existing curriculum should generally be submitted for approval at least two semesters prior to planned implementation.

All course and program proposals developed by Merritt faculty are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee, a committee of the Academic Senate. Once approved by the Curriculum Committee, curriculum proposals are forwarded to the District Council on Instruction, Planning, and Development (CIPD). Because the District uses a uniform course numbering system, consultation on common curriculum must occur among the Colleges prior to CIPD review. Curriculum proposals accepted by the CIPD are then presented to the Board of Trustees for ratification.

In addition to local review, some categories of curriculum require additional vetting at the regional and state levels. Career Technical Education programs must be recommended by the Bay Area Community College Consortium. New credit programs, substantial changes to credit programs, and all noncredit curriculum must be approved by the CCC Chancellor’s Office.

Curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis aligned to the program review cycle. All Career Education (CE) courses and programs must be reviewed every two years. All non-CE courses and programs are reviewed every three years.