Steps to Apply & Enroll at Merritt College

Follow the steps below to meet your academic goals!

New or Returning Students?
(Returning students and those who have missed 2 consecutive main semesters [example spring & fall] you must also submit an application through OpenCCApply.)

Continuing Students? Go directly to Step 4 below to enroll.

Do you already have a degree and just want to take a class or two for enrichment or fun?      
A student in this situation would be exempt from matriculation and would just register for the class. They do not need to see a counselor.

Do you want information on non-resident tuition exemption (AB 2210)? Email:

For further assistance with enrollment. Email: or call (510) 436-2445

For a first-time college student, please create an account at Open CC Apply

Prior to Step 1, Have an account created on Open CC Apply

Step 1. Apply for Admission
If you are a new or returning student, you will need to fill out an online application here and select Merritt College, as your home school. Check your email within 24 hours to get your Student ID Number and Student Campus Solutions Password, to log into your Student Campus Solutions. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours send an email to and include your application confirmation number.

Step 2.Complete Virtual Orientation
Now that you have your Student ID Number you can schedule an appointment here to complete your virtual Orientation (To schedule an online orientation please contact Maria Spencer at (Please be sure to include your full name). You will learn important information about college policies, procedures, programs, and student support services.

Step 3. See a Counselor
Schedule an appointment with a counselor to create your student educational plan (SEP) to ensure you are enrolling in the appropriate courses to complete your academic goal. To schedule an appointment Email: or call (510) 436 -2475 

Step 4. Enroll in Your Classes
 Go to the Student Campus Solutions (CS) System (Formerly Passport) to enroll in your classes.

Step 5. Pay Your Fees
Click on Financial Account to pay for your registration fees online through your Student Campus Solutions (CS) System (Formerly Passport)