Medical assistants are healthcare providers who typically work in a physician’s office, hospital or residential care facility. They perform a variety of clinical and administrative tasks including administering medications, recording medical information, preparing medical instruments, collecting specimens, and running the front desk.

Merritt College’s Medical Assisting program provides a balanced clinical and administrative curriculum, delivered through comprehensive lectures and laboratory courses, as well as clinical experiences in local community health care facilities.

Medical Assisting Certificates

New Programs Planned for FALL 2023

Certificate of Achievement in Clinical Medical Assisting
Certificate of Achievement in Administrative Medical Assisting
Certificate of Completion in Administrative & Clinical Medical Assisting- 100% Online- Asynchronous
Certificate of Achievement in Health Navigator

Medical Assisting Courses

1) Steps to apply here:

To register to get into the system. Once accepted you can satisfy these other requirements:

Verification of all immunizations, background check, and CPR certification see current Medical Assisting student handbook for further details).

2) Then go here:


2a) I recommend you discuss your goals and develop an educational plan customized to those goals.

Additional Tips:

Here is the message from our Allied Health Counselor received in February 2021:

I am excited to announce that career education now has its online scheduling link up and running. I have included the online scheduling link for counseling appointments below:

Feel free to share the link with students who are interested in making a counseling appointment.

I realized that I forgot to provide you with information about my schedule at Merritt College.

Allied Health Counselor for Merritt College and his hours are:

  • Monday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday from 8:0 am – 4:30 pm
  • Friday from 8:00 am – 10:00 am

3) For general Counseling go here:

Academic Counseling  

For more information you can call (510) 436-2475 or email For scheduling a General Counseling online ZOOM appointment only, select the icon below and download Zoom on your computer or smartphone before your appointment. 

4) Other questions are related to costs.

Costs are quite variable, but the following may give you an idea of expected expenses.

Typically, the costs are roughly $2,000-$3,000 for a 16-unit program considering:

  • books and Software ($300)
  • tuition ($700)
  • Uniforms/Scrubs (2 x $35)
  • Castle Branch ($70)
  • computer needs (variable-$300-1,000)
  • supplies ($100)
  • CPR 1st Aid (variable 70-200)
  • You may also need to pay out of pocket for vaccinations or titers if you have no insurance.
  • Students are able to apply for financial aid.

Consider some transportation and living expenses according to your own situation.