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Learning Resources (LRNRE) are courses designed to help all students acquire the basic skills they need to succeed in college and are also courses recommended for students with disabilities.

Welcome to the Learning Resources Department at Merritt College!

LRNRE department offers specialized courses and support labs that promote the success of all students with additional accessibility needs, providing services utilizing assistive technology, and providing individualized support for students with different learning styles or disabilities.

LRNRE offers courses in Computers, English, Math, Studying Skills, Disability Awareness, and Counseling, designed for basic skills preparation in the workplace and to develop pre-collegiate skills that are requisites for the Associate Degree, transfer, and/or other college-level courses.  Enrollment in LRNRE courses also provides student support in getting access to campus services, accommodations, and guidance counseling on their entire academic journey. Sign up for Learning Resources (LRNRE) courses today or contact us for more information.

We look forward to working with you!


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