Professional Development

What Is Flex?

The Board of Governors through the Chancellor’s Office is required by the California Code of Regulations to oversee the Flexible Calendar program for the California Community Colleges. The Flexible (Flex) program consists of professional development activities “in-lieu-of” regular instruction.

Flex activities (CCR, Title 5, division 6, chapter 6, subchapter 8, article 2, section 55724, item a-4) can be, but are not limited to, training programs, group retreats, field experiences, and workshops in activities such as course and program development and revision, staff development activities, development of new instructional materials, and other instruction-related activities.

When Is Flex?

The academic calendar, consisting of 175 instructional days, is negotiated between the Peralta Community College District and the Peralta Federation of Teachers for a three-year period. Six days per academic year are designated as district and college flex days for the purposes of professional development. The district organizes two Flex days per academic year, offered prior to the start day of each academic semester. Merritt College PDC organizes 2 Flex Days per semester one at the beginning and one in the middle of the semester.

If you are interested in organizing or offering a PD workshop for Flex Days please fill this form and send to 


Merritt College Flex Days Information:


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Fall 2015 Flex Days
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Fall 2016 Flex Days
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