Professional Development

What is my professional development obligation?

Everyone in our College (faculty, non-teaching faculty, classified, confidential, management) is invited to participate as much as possible in our professional development activities.

All faculty with a teaching assignment have a staff development responsibility. “The total flex day obligation for the academic year shall equal the total teaching obligation (or equated load assignment) from which the instructor is released plus those out of classroom hours of responsibilities which will no longer need to be performed as the result of being released from classroom instruction.” In addition, “at least 40% of such hours will be in attendance at regularly scheduled workshops on the designated Professional Days…”  PFT Contract, Appendix A.5.B

“Part-time temporary faculty shall participate in flex-day activities on the same basis as their weekly teaching assignments. For example, if the instructor has an assignment of teaching three hours in-class and Professional Days on that day, he/she shall participate and report 3 hours of flex activities…. The remaining obligation may be satisfied either by participation in additional scheduled workshops or by independent staff development projects approved by the faculty member’s assistant dean.”

 For column advancement requirements and requests go the District Staff Development Office page