Charge of the Professional Development Committee PDC

  • Plan, develop, coordinate, review and evaluate all of the professional development activities that take place at the College
  • Responsible for planning Flex Day activities for scheduled District wide days as well as campus on-going professional development activities
  • Establish priorities and procedures and make advisory recommendations in each of the following areas: collaborative/special projects, institutional subscriptions and memberships, Individual travel and conferences, tuition reimbursement, and unique staff development needs of counselors and librarians
  • Supervise the Sabbatical Leave Process for faculty: conduct workshops, evaluate and approve applications with recommendations to the College President and the Chancellor
  • Oversee the Retraining Leave Process for faculty
  • Issue twice yearly report to the College Community and the District Officer of Professional Development: on expenditures, funding priorities, procedures, deadlines, activities, schedules of meetings, attainment of goals, needs assessments, etc.

See committee By-Laws document and PFT contract Article 25

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Part I of CORA (Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement) trainings. “Implicit Bias Training” replay in collaboration with Laney College PDC and District SDO.

Video recording and Slides

  Effective meeting management online training
November 18, 2020
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Spring 2020 Flex Day
January 16, 2020

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Spring 2019 Flex Day
January 18, 2019 

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Mid-Semester 2018 Flex Day
March 22, 2018

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Spring 2018 Flex Day
January 18, 2018
“Learning from Within”

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Second Fall Flex Day Program
October 26, 2017
Yoga, Teamwork, and Lots of
Important Information

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First Fall 2017 Flex Day
August 18, 2017

“Sustaining Work and Life Balance Self-Care

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