Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

SAS Counseling and other SAS Staff are available both in person, phone, and online. Start by calling or visiting our appointment desk at 510-436-2429

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Welcome to Student Accessibility Services (formerly knows as Disability Services Program)

Registering with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Merritt and All Peralta SAS  

If you are new or returning after being absent for more than a year to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Merritt College, you begin by completing and submitting the application and documents listed below, and once those are submitted you will schedule an appointment to meet with a SAS Counselor.

Prior to Your First Appointment 

  1. Apply to Merritt College if you are not already a student at Merritt or another Peralta College (Berkeley City, College of Alameda, Laney).  Have your Student ID # available when filling out forms and scheduling appointments.
  2. Complete the SAS Online Orientation.
  3. Review the SAS Student Handbook.
  4. Complete the SAS Application by clicking HERE using your Peralta email address according to the example ( followed by your Student Portal Password). This will take you to the Peralta AIM system for all your SAS needs.  Select Merritt College and any other campuses you are enrolled at.  You will be required to log into your Campus Solutions account.
  5. Submit documentation of your disability.

Click here for the application for Student Accessibility Services using Peralta AIM 

During the second step of your application, you will be prompted to upload your verification of disability. Documentation verifying a disability may include, but is  not limited to:

  • high school special education plans (IEPs);
  • medical records or reports;
  • psychological evaluations or assessments;
  • LD testing from another California community college.
  • Department of Rehabilitation Plan
  • If you do not have documentation, you can take our Verification of Disability form to a qualified professional who has working knowledge of your disability.
  • The qualified professional must complete, sign, and date the professional section of the form.
  • A qualified professional may include a physician, a psychologist, an LD Specialist, or other licensed professional. 

If you think you have a disability but do not currently have documentation, please discuss that with the counselor. 


All disability-related information provided by students is kept strictly confidential. This information is accessible to SAS only.


You will have the opportunity to upload your documents directly into AIM (the application system) when you are applying; you may also log back into AIM to upload, or you may choose to email  your documents to SAS. 

  • Schedule Your Intake Appointment by calling (510) 436-2429 or emailing SAS.merritt@peralta.eduWe will return calls and emails in 24-48 hours on Monday-Fridays.

If possible, obtain transcripts from other colleges or high schools for education planning.

(If you were registered with Merritt SAS or another Peralta campus SAS last semester) 

  • All continuing students of SAS must request accommodations in advance of each semester and meet with their counselor at least twice each semester.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Merritt SAS Counselor by calling the SAS appointment desk at 510-436-2429 or by emailing 

We will return calls and emails in 24-48 hours on Monday-Fridays 

Our mission is to:
• Empower students with disabilities for success.
• Provide services to minimize the limiting effects of a disability.
• Advocate for the needs and rights of students with disabilities.
• Create a “level playing field” in the classroom.

Our goals are to:
• Focus on the true ability of students.
• Determine and provide individualized accommodations.
• Foster equal treatment through all Merritt College Programs.
• Promote awareness of disability rights and the philosophy of equal access.


Under federal and State laws, Merritt College is required to ensure that academic requirements and practices, facilities, electronic information technology, printed materials, and College services and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. The College will make modifications as necessary in order to provide equal access. I. The role of the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) program is to assist the college in meeting federal and state obligations to students with disabilities. SAS is the primary provider for support programs and services that facilitate equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities who can benefit from instruction as required by federal and State laws.

Note: All accommodation services are provided on a request-based basis. This is one of the biggest differences between IDEA/504 (covering K-12 education) and A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990); Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for college and beyond.

Comparison Chart – HS vs College


We look forward to seeing you!