In order to participate in the POCR process you should have the following requirements in place:

  • Teach a course that is formatted for a fully-online experience (no onsite requirement)
  • The course should be one in which you plan to continue to teach 100% online
  • Your course is current in CurriQunet
  • You have taught your course at least two semesters in a fully online modality

Desirable qualities:

  • You are familiar with accessibility and how to create accessible PDFs, and slides
  • Your course uses a C-ID OR is in high-demand for transfer agreements with IGETC, CSU/UC, AA

To join the team: 

  • Please contact campus POCR lead Monica F. Ambalal ( to inquire about becoming part of our local POCR team. While you do not have to be a certified reviewer to be on the team, you should however, demonstrate a desire to learn about alignment, the POCR rubric, and be willing to spend 2-3 hours a week working on your course.
  • We will have monthly POCR meetings to track our progress.

Consider Signing Up to Become a POCR Reviewer

  • At Merritt College, we have five certified POCR reviewers that have completed the class offered by @one which helps train faculty to become a local reviewer at their home campus. Classes are free and offered directly through @one. Please note that reviewer training should only be completed by advanced users of the Canvas LMS, and those that already have basic knowledge of accessibility.
  • Classes are offered typically 2-3 times a year, and are completely asynchronous and facilitated
  • Funding is available for POCR reviewers (TBA in Spring 2023)

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in POCR