Aligning to POCR helps Merritt College meet our mission and vision goals:

  • Our strategic goal: transfer – students completing a course through the CVC will undoubtedly reach their degree goals to complete their AA-T and UC/CSU units in a timely manner
  • Student access and success:  in using the robust POCR rubric, students are able to better communicate and participate in a POCR-designed course

Aligning to POCR is an equitable practice:

  • The POCR rubric is highly-reviewed and robust! If followed correctly, instructors will design their class with equity built-in, and in-mind
  • Designing your course using POCR standards ensures that all students will be learning in a streamlined model of consistent modules so students can expect a similar format in each unit of a single course
  • POCR puts students first:
    • Student services and resources are placed at the front of course design
    • PDF, UDL, and alt text technologies ensure students can read or hear all texts contained in the shell
    • POCR alignment requires designers to maintain evidence of how students will connect with peers and their instructor
    • Classes completed with POCR alignment typically reflect students will maintain a higher success and retention rates

POCR is Assessment-Focused

  • Part of the POCR rubric requires designers to place SLOs at the forefront of each module
  • All POCR-aligned courses must include examples of assessment (usually a survey, or check-in model)
  • Instructors are encouraged to include local objectives, course objectives, and those from CORs

Stipends are offered for faculty with badged courses:

  • A badged course is one that has been reviewed by POCR reviewers and the team lead. These courses receive a badge to show that work is finalized and edits have been completed. Once badges are provided, instructors may apply for a stipend.

Badged Courses can be Offered Across the CCC

  • If an instructor has already badged a course at their home college, they are able to bring the same course to a second college and request a formal submission to the CVC through the local POCR team

You Will have Support!

  • The average time to fully align a course according to the rubric can range between 80-100 hours, however your POCR team and POCR lead will offer support regarding best online practices through office hours and short work sessions
  • You will learn equitable teaching and course design through POCR team meetings and workshops
  • The CVC and @one are developing ongoing courses such as Accessibility/Section D Training to support the local POCR process

In 2022/2023, preferences for POCR submissions will be prioritized as follows: 

  1. Fully online classes ready for adaption to POCR alignment
  2. Courses that are transferable for IGETC, UC/CSU, and AA
  3. Courses in English/Math, and others that fall in the purview of AB 705
  4. Courses that have already been badged at other colleges
  5. Faculty seeking a quality badge for their course