In order to participate in the POCR process you should have the following requirements in place:

  • Use a course that is formatted for a fully-online experience (no onsite requirement)
  • The course should be one in which you plan to continue to teach 100% online
  • Your course shows as ‘active’ in CurriQunet
  • The course has been approved by Curriculum Committee to be taught in a fully online modality

(Preferably) your course should be part of one ore more the following:

  • Part of an ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer)
  • General Education Transfer Pattern (CSU or IGETC)
  • CTE (Career Technical Education)

Steps to a Badged Course

  1. Demonstrate your interest by submitting the POCR Interest Form
  2. Schedule an orientation meeting with the lead
  3. Begin aligning your course by using the POCR rubric
  4. Consider the CVC design template in the Canvas Commons to help you begin
  5. Design your course and perform a self-assessment of the modules before you bring them to the review team
    1. See this excellent self assessment (written by Gavilan College POCR)
  6. Submit your course to the team
  7. Team reviews, and will submit to the originator for possible edits and corrections
  8. Upon completion of edits, resubmit to the POCR team for a final glance
  9. Badging will be determined by the POCR lead, and a successful course will be sent to the CVC team for entry into the course exchange

Please see this POCR Checklist inspired by Cuyamaca College. Merritt College hopes to incorporate a flowchart similar to this model once funding incentives are in place. Est. 2024/2025.