Peer Online Course Review (POCR) was established in 2014 by the CVC [California Virtual Campus] Professional Development Workgroup to ensure that students in the California Community College system have access to high-quality online courses designed to support student learning and success.”

POCR is a process that allows faculty to align classes to high-caliber state standards in order to facilitate student learning in an equitable way. Through using a POCR rubric, and aligning your course to the POCR process, your class will be reviewed by a team before it is launched to ‘go live.’ The POCR process involves establishing peer groups and offering feedback using the CVC course design rubric, which includes 44 criteria including:

  • course design
  • interaction
  • assessment
  • accessibility

Once a course has been approved by the POCR lead, the course is awarded a Quality Reviewed course badge, and the course is listed on the statewide CVC Exchange website with that badge designation. Additionally, badged courses are listed higher up in the students’ college course listings than non-badged courses. Any student at any school (potentially) would be able to take a badged course if desired.