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Prerequisite Requirements

Students must have completed the four prerequisite courses, with a grade of “C” or better on each course, before applying to the program. Additionally, the average GPA for the four prerequisites courses must be at least 2.5. All prerequisite courses must be current within 7 years. Old Math grades may be validated for currency by taking the Math Assessment test available by appointment through the counseling department.

The prerequisites include:

A. Survey of Radiologic Science, RADSC 1A (this course may not be waived for any reason. It must be taken at Merritt College to qualify).

B. Intermediate Algebra, Math 203 or higher (equivalent may be taken at other colleges). This course is required effective Fall 2009 unless student has
catalog rights to an earlier requirement.  See section on “catalog
rights” in the college catalog or a counselor for more information).

C. Anatomy and Physiology (must be a two-semester course with a minimum of 8 total units and include a lab. Equivalent may be taken at other colleges). At Merritt there are two options that qualify:
Bio 20A AND 20B (5 units each, 10 units total) OR
Bio 2 AND Bio 4 (5 units each, 10 units total)


Highly Recommended Preparation

Computer Proficiency Expectations: Students entering the program are expected to demonstrate proficiency using Microsoft Word, e-mail, PowerPoint presentation software, and navigating the internet. Students who are not proficient should see #1 below.


Additional Recommendations
The following specific coursework and experiences are recommended as preparation for the program. While not required for enrollment, completing these courses prior to entering may increase the likelihood of successful program completion.



  1. Introduction to Computer Information Systems (CIS 1 at Merritt) or an equivalent course(s). Course or a combination of courses should result in proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint presentation software, navigating the Internet, and e-mail.
  2. Higher Mathematics (such as College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus)
  3. Physics such as Introduction to Physics, General Physics or Physics of Radiation and/or Electromagnetism.
  4. Medical Terminology
  5. Professional or Business Communications

Recommended coursework may satisfy some of the General Education requirements. Students should meet with a Merritt College counselor to plan accordingly.

  1. Work experience (as an employee or volunteer) in a health care environment, preferably involving direct patient care.
  2. Customer service experience (as an employee or volunteer) involving face-to-face contact and communication with the public.