Students will be awarded the Associate of Science (AS) degree and the Certificate in Radiologic Science upon successful completion of the prerequisite requirements, the general education requirements, and the major course requirements, The option to obtain only the certificate is available to those who have already earned an Associate degree or higher.

The curriculum includes a clinical practicum at various hospitals in the East Bay. This is a continuous program that lasts for 24 months. Students applying to the program must be ready to commit full-time (approximately 36 hours per week during daytime hours) for two full years, including summers. After successfully completing the required courses in Radiologic Science and the Merritt College Associate Degree requirements (or equivalent), the student becomes eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists examination (ARRT), which is necessary for licensure and practice in the state of California.

Upon successful completion of the program and obtaining the California certificate, graduates will be eligible for employment as Radiologic Technologists. They will be capable of performing a broad range of patient radiographic procedures in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and imaging centers.

Sequence of Courses for Six Semesters:



Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 1B Introduction to Medical Imaging 2
RADSC 1C Introduction to Medical Imaging Clinic 2.5
RADSC 2A Radiographic Physics I 2
RADSC 3A Positioning I 4
RADSC 5A Patient Care I 3
Semester Total: 13.5


Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 2B Radiographic Physics II 4
RADSC 3B Positioning II 4
RADSC 9A Clinical Experience I (16 hours per week) 4
Semester Total: 12


Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 4A Radiation Protection 2
RADSC 4B Radiobiology 2
RADSC 10A Seminar 1.5
RADSC 9B Clinical Experience II (24 hours per week) 4
Semester Total: 9.5



Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 2C Digital Applications in Medical Imaging 4
RADSC 5B Patient Care II 3
RADSC 9C Clinical Experience III (24 hours per week) 6
Semester Total: 13


Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 6 Quality Management/Fluoroscopy 2.5
RADSC 7 Advanced Imaging Procedures 3
RADSC 8 Sectional Anatomy and RadiographicPathology 4
RADSC 9D     Clinical Experience IV (24 hours per week) 6
Semester Total: 15.5


Dept/No. Title Units
RADSC 10B Seminar 1.5
RADSC 9E Clinical Experience V (36 hours per week) 6
Semester Total: 7.5