Student Selection Process:

Starting from spring 2026, applications will be received on an annual basis. The program plans to admit 24 students each year through a lottery system. The exact number of admissions will depend on the availability of clinical placements at affiliate sites.

The program will no longer maintain a waitlist. If a student does not get accepted in their first attempt, they will have to reapply the following year. However, there will be no need for re-evaluation of transcripts.

For specific details about the student selection process for a given application period, students can refer to the Radiologic Science program via email to the staff assistant. This information will also be shared in the prerequisite course, Radsc 1A, Survey of Radiologic Science.


If the number of eligible applicants surpasses the available spots in the program, a lottery system will be employed for student selection. Detailed updates about the student selection process for a specific application period will be shared in the prerequisite course, Survey of Radiologic Science which is offered two times per semester. The program accepts approximately 24 students each year, contingent on the number of clinical placements available at affiliate sites. All applicants will receive notifications about their acceptance status. Students are required to monitor their Peralta email accounts for all program-related communications.