Merritt College Radiologic Science Program

Program Status 10-6-2021


  • The program accepted twenty-one 2018 and 2016 applicants into the class beginning August 2021.
  • Thirteen 2018 applicants remain on the Wait List and will accepted into the class beginning August 2023 (as long as they return their Letter of Intent at the proper time).
  • Seventy 2020 applicants will placed in the lottery in March 2023 for the remaining openings into the class beginning Fall 2023.
  • Due to the backlog of applicants on the Wait List, the program is only accepting applications every other year, in odd numbered years beginning in 2023.  However, selection (including lottery) will continue to take place every year, with a new class starting every year.
  • The next application period will begin January 15th, 2023-April 15th, 2023.
  • The program accepts approximately 24 students per year, depending on available clinical placements.  Priority is given to students who have been on the Wait List the longest (2020 applicants will be given priority for selection in 2023).
  • 2023 applicants may expect to remain on the wait list for 2-3 years.