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High School Partnership


Our High School Initiative: Dual Enrollment

In order to find the next generation of Merritt students, we have established dual enrollment with six partner high schools (Castlemont, Coliseum College Prep Academy, LPS Oakland, Madison Park, Oakland High, and Skyline). Our faculty teach NHS courses on-site in these schools, exposing 9th-12th graders to environmental education and immersion in nature.

Fall 2019 Dual Enrollment Courses:

BIOL 60B: Natural History of Mount Diablo State Park, Professor Ben Nelson, LPS Oakland

ENVMT 5: Oakland Food Culture, Professor Paul Rogé, Skyline High

LNHORT 76: Edible Landscaping, Professor Matthew Linzner, Castlemont High

For more information on our dual enrollment program, contact Program Director Brad Balukjian at