Congrats, you’ve taken your first step into a much larger world!

Pick your courses from this list, and then click here to fill out an application if you are a new student or enroll if you are continuing. At only $46 a unit, we are a steal! If you have questions about enrollment, please contact admissions either by emailing (, calling (510-436-2445), zoom (, or just stop by their office (in the R building).

For new students using the Student Campus Solutions interface for the first time, we’ll walk you through an example:

Enrolling in ENVMT 35 and 35L for the Spring Semester:

Urban Agroecology (class #24118 for lecture and #24119 for lab) is listed under the subject of: Environmental Management and Technology.

-Log in with your passport ID in the upper left-hand side of the page
-Once in the system, click on Student Center
-Update the Student Enrollment Survey and click on Submit Form
-On the Right hand side click on on the green box that says: Search for classes/enroll
        – select term
        – fill out class number 24118
        -click enter 
-It brings you again to an option to fill out another class number: 24119 (laboratory), then click enter
-Once you have filled in the class numbers, click on green button: Proceed to step 2 of 3
-Select the green button that says: Finish enrolling
If you have any trouble, email Margarita Baez at