NHS Faculty

Brad Balukjian, Ph.D.
NHS Workforce Development Manager
Office: S422

Brad Balukjian says he never grew up. When he was six, he ran around the woods collecting bugs and putting them in jars. Now he does it for a living. Brad teaches BIOL  62S, “The Natural History of the Islands of California,” and leads NHS’ Workforce Development program by teaching the Environmental Careers class (ENVMT 1) and running the internship class (ENVMT 476F). He founded the NHS program in 2018. Brad has a bachelor’s degree in island biogeography from Duke University and a Ph.D. in entomology from UC Berkeley. In addition to teaching at Merritt, Brad is a freelance science journalist and has published over 100 articles in National Geographic, Discover, Rolling Stone, and several others. Check out bradbalukjian.com for more information.

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