Our Advisory Board

Natural History & Sustainability has assembled an advisory board of 16 professionals from 13 local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector to provide input on curriculum and job opportunities in the field. Below is a list of our board members:


-Steven Addison (, Civicorps

-Rebecca Au (, The National Park Service

-Anne Bremirez (, The Watershed Project

-Steven Currie (, East Bay Municipal Utility District

-Alexis Jackson (, The Nature Conservancy

-Derek Lee (, City of Oakland Public Works 

-Eric Lichtwardt (, LSA Associates

-Virginia Northrup (, East Bay Municipal Utility District

-Jim O’Connor (, East Bay Regional Park District

-Charlie Onorati (, Save the Bay

-Mackenzie Segraves ( , Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

-Jill Sunahara (, Environmental Science Associates