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AFR 2017 Evidence

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Statement of Report Preparation

SRP.1 Merritt College Accreditation Follow-Up Report, October 1, 2016
SRP.2 External Evaluation Team Follow-Up Report, November 29, 2016
SRP.3 ACCJC Action Letter, February 3, 2017
SRP.4 Presidential Announcement of ACCJC Action, February 7, 2017
SRP.5 Accreditation Planning Update, February 21, 2017
SRP.6 SLOAC Meeting Notes and AFR Team Meeting Agendas, March 2017
SRP.7 AFR Timeline 2017
SRP.8 AFR Team Meeting Agendas and Notes, Spring 2017
SRP.9 AFR Preliminary Draft Distribution, June 27, 2017
SRP.10 AFR Team Meeting Agendas and Notes, Summer 2017
SRP.11 College Flex Day Program, August 18, 2017
SRP.12 College Council Meeting Minutes, August 23, 2017 (Draft)
SRP.13 Peralta Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, September 12, 2017 (Item 7.6)

College Recommendation 6

CR6.1 Learning Assessment Report and Acceleration Plan, June 2016
CR6.2 College Flex Days Program, Spring 2017
CR6.3 Presidents Message, March 1, 2017
CR6.4 College Council Meeting Minutes, March 22, 2017
CR6.5 Departmental Meetings and Communications on Assessment
CR6.6 SLOAC Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Spring 2017
CR6.7 Institutional Support by Assessment Coordinators and Specialists
CR6.8 One-on-One Taskstream Assistance
CR6.9 2016-2017 Annual Program Updates
CR6.10 Assessment as Meeting Agenda Standing Item
CR6.11 IEPI Partnership Resource Team Summary Report, December 9, 2016
CR6.12 Assessment Fair, April 17-21, 2017
CR6.13 Assessment Coordinators Activities
CR6.14 Assessment Data and Results on SLOAC Website
CR6.15 SLOAC Meeting Notes, March 28, 2017
CR6.16 SLOAC Meeting Notes, April 25 and May 9, 2017
CR6.17 Administrative Procedure–Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
CR6.18 Student Services Assessment Coordinator Report, Spring 2017
CR6.19 Office of Special Programs and Grants Assessment Activities, 2016-2017
CR6.20 Learning Assessment Report and Acceleration Plan, June 2016, pp. 9-10
CR6.21 SLOAC Meeting Notes, June 5, 2017
CR6.22 PLO Assessment Work, Summer 2017
CR6.23 Flex Day SLOAC Presentation, August 18, 2017
CR6.24 PLO Assessment Taskstream Report, 2014-2017
CR6.25 ILOs on SLOAC Website
CR6.26 ILO Assessment Activities, Spring 2017