2020-2021 Annual Program Update

A quick tour of the 2020-2021 APU Template

APUs are due by October 26.

If your program, department or administrative unit has completed a Program Review or APU in the last two years, you can receive a 2020-2021 APU template which has been populated with data carried over from the previous report.  To obtain a pre-populated template, contact Nathan Pellegrin (npellegrin@peralta.edu), Director of College Research and Planning.

For a blank version of the APU template, CLICK HERE

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Introduction and Directions

The Peralta Community College District has an institutional effectiveness process which consists of the following components: a District-wide Strategic Plan which is updated every six years; Comprehensive Program Reviews which are completed every three years; and Annual Program Updates (APUs) which are completed in non-program review years.  While there are individualized Program Review Handbooks for Instructional units, Counseling, CTE, Library Services, Student Services, Administrative units, and District Service Centers, there is one Annual Program Update template for use by everyone at the colleges which is completed in the Fall semester of non-program review years.

The Annual Program Update is intended to primarily focus upon planning and institutional effectiveness by requesting that everyone report upon the progress they are making in attaining the goals (outcomes) and program improvement objectives described in the most recent program review document.  The Annual Program Update is therefore a document which reflects continuous quality improvement.  The Annual Program Update serves a critical role in the Integrated Planning and Budgeting cycle of the college in that it provides a vehicle in which to identify and request additional resources that support reaching the stated goals (outcomes) and program improvement objectives in the unit’s program review.

Throughout this document, the term “program” is used to refer to any of the following institutional structures: discipline, department, program, administrative unit, or unit.

If you have questions regarding data, please contact Nathan Pellegrin, Director of Research and Planning (npellegrin@peralta.edu).

If you have questions regarding SLOs, PLOs, SAOs or ILOs, please visit the SLOAC webpage, or contact the SLOAC committee member for your division:

Division 1 – Evan Nichols (anichols@peralta.edu)

Division 2 – Laura Forlin (lforlin@peralta.edu)

Division 3 – Heather Casale (hcasale@peralta.edu). 

If you have questions regarding the curriculum section, please contact Nghiem Thai (nthai@peralta.edu), chair of the Curriculum Committee

If you have questions regarding other material in the APU, please contact your Dean or Manager.

You will need the following items in order to complete the Annual Program Update document at the colleges:

Merritt College Institution-Set Standards 2020-2021

Institution-set standards are used to evaluate the quality of the institution as to success with respect to student achievement in relation to the institution’s mission. The evaluation of student achievement performance may include different standards for different programs, as established by the institution.

Metric Definition Set Standard
Course Completion (Success) the number of student completions with a grade of C or better divided by the number of student enrollments 66%
Certificates Number of certificates earned in an academic year 222
Degrees Number of associate degrees earned in an academic year 322
Transfer Number of students who transfer to a 4- year college/university 187
Licensure (CE) Examination pass rates in programs for which students must pass a licensure examination in order to work in their field of study 70%
Employment (CE) The job placement rate of student completing a degree or certificate in a CE program in the year after graduation. Macro-Region Employment Rate, by Program SOC