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Curriculum Committee


Curriculum Committee Membership 2020-2021

The Curriculum Committee is a committee of the Academic Senate, responsible for making recommendations on all matters relating to curriculum development and approval. Curriculum Committee faculty representatives are appointed by the Academic Senate.

Muwafaqu Al Asad Division III Faculty
Rose Allen Counselor
Hilary Altman Division I Faculty
Courtney Brown Division II Faculty
LaShaune Fitch Curriculum Specialist
Isela Gonzalez Santana Division I Faculty
Cory “Buddy” Mast Student
Jon Murphy Division III Faculty
Steve Pantell Articulation Officer
Phasasha Pharr Student Services Staff
Paul Roge Division II Faculty/Vice Chair
Nghiem Thai Librarian/Chair
Adoria Williams DE Committee Representative
Marie Amboy Dean of Division III (Allied Health & Public Safety)
Lilia Chavez Vice President of Student Services
Chriss Foster Interim Dean of Division I (Liberal Arts & Social Sciences)
Jason Holloway Dean of Division II (Math, Science, & Technology)
Denise Richardson Acting Vice President of Instruction