Merritt College Strategic Goals

Merritt’s strategic goals, set forth in the 2018 Education Master Plan Update, steers the
College over five years toward institutional achievement of deep-rooted
improvements in student outcomes. They are evaluated annually at college planning
summits to ensure that measurable progress and continual relevance.

M1.  Completion – Increase number of degrees and certificates by 20% over the next 5 years.

M2.  Transfer – Increase transfers to CSU and UC by 6% annually. (Reach approx. 35% in 5 years).

M3.  Time to Completion – Reduce the number of excess units earned by students.

M4.  Employment – Maintain at least 82% of students attaining employment in the field of study.

M5.  Equity – Reduce the achievement gaps for African-American, multiethnic, and male students.