Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

What is the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative?

The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a statewide collaborative effort to help advance the effective practices of the California Community Colleges and, in the process, significantly reduce the number of accreditation sanctions and state and federal audit issues.

Most importantly, IEPI will enhance the system’s ability to serve its students effectively and improve student success in measurable ways. An important focus of the initiative is to draw on the exceptional expertise and innovation that exists within the system in advancing effective practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.

What are the three primary components of the IEPI?

The Framework of Indicators provides the opportunity for colleges to engage in setting locally determined, short- and long-term aspirational goals in four areas: fiscal viability, student performance, accreditation status, and compliance with federal and state guidelines.

Technical assistance through Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs) is available to colleges that express interest in receiving support on self-identified issues. Grants of up to $200,000 in seed money are available to institutions that receive team visits and submit their Innovation and Effectiveness Plans.

IEPI’s professional development training model takes a unique approach by offering a robust, in-person schedule of workshops complemented by an online clearinghouse of resources called the Professional Learning Network.

Additional Information

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