Welcome to HistoScope, an organization run by students for students.

At HistoScope we make histology slides and slide kits for the biotechnology/biology classroom. HistoScope offers Merritt histotechnology students an opportunity to experience real world histotechnician experience in a professional setting. HistoScope interns create high-quality H&E stained slides and perform quality control. Together, through sales and marketing, we work to promote and sell kits to the Bay Area Biosciences Education Community (BABEC).

Slide kits are provided to high school instructors who are part of our Scopes 2 Schools program.

HistoScope partners with BioSCOPE- Biotechnology Supply Chain Operation Projects for Education. BioSCOPE’s objective is “to strengthen career and technical (CTE) programs in the region by preparing students for high demand, high wage jobs in the biotechnology/life science sector through hands-on, real-life manufacturing experience.” BioSCOPE oversees of our manufacturing site and provides simulated audits.

1. …work-based skills to community college students in the biotechnology/life science pathway by manufacturing products used in high school and college biology/biotechnology programs.

2. …a skilled workforce for the biotechnology/life science industry. Students in this project are producing materials for instructional kits following cGMP processes and standard quality control.

3. …an environment for students to practice professional skills. Students will communicate with the customer and auditors by showing and articulating what they are learning and how they are following manufacturing processes. Students will work as a team, utilize interpersonal and business communication, critical thinking and work-place discipline skills through this project.

Lead Faculty:
Feather Ives, HistoScope founder & HT Program Director

Faculty Advisors:
Yohannes Kidane, MS, HTL (ASCP)

Dr. Gisele Giorgi, Merritt Biosciences Department Director
Shirley Pan, HT (ASCP), CT (ASCP), Histotechnician Education Coordinator
Dr. Ying-Tsu Loh, BABEC Operations Director and BioSCOPE advisor
Daniel Michael, Career Training Faculty