Genomics involves measuring everything about a genome and the changes between genomes.  The genome consists of all the nucleic acid inside of a cell.  This includes all the chromosomal DNA and, if an organism is a eukaryote, this includes chromosomes from both the mitochondria and the nucleus.  Commonly used techniques in genomics are DNA sequencing, microarrays, and PCR.

Genomics is becoming increasingly used in medicine to help diagnose disease since an individual’s DNA sequence can provide insights into the potential for developing specific diseases.

Job Titles in Genomics

Clinical Lab Associate
Clinical Trial Assistant
Diagnostic Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Technician.
Medical Device Assembler
Parasitology Laboratory Technician.
Production Builder/Medical Device Assembler
Research Associate
Research Technician
Laboratory Analyst
Research Technician

Companies where students been employed:

Exact Sciences (formerly Genomic Health)

10X Genomics