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Civic Engagement and Ethics

At the end of the fall 2016 semester, Merritt College faculty met to discuss their assessment of the Civic Engagement Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO). Faculty brought samples of student work and scoring rubrics that allowed us to consider student achievement in the areas of written and oral communication.

The results and action plans are summarized below.

Civic Engagement and Ethics ILO Assessment Meeting
December 16, 2016

Participants: Fereshteh Mofidi (Business), Heather Casale (Nutrition), Jennifer Yates (Radiological Sciences), Jennifer Briffa (Child Development), Lawrence Lee (Landscape Horticulture), Sheila Metcalf –Tobin (Art), Ruhina Najem (MEDAS), Sarah Gronquist (Landscape Horticulture), Mia Kelly (Nursing), Marty Zielke (Counseling), Susan Andrien (English), Nia Hill (Landscape Horticulture), Theresa Halula (Landscape Horticulture), Laura Forlin (Landscape Horticulture)

Present: Maril M Bull (Landscape Horticulture ), Molly Sealund (Landscape Horticulture).

Summary of Strengths:

  • Our students are passionate about civic engagement and social justice
  • Our students expressed an acute awareness of professional ethics, particularly in the allied health fields
  • Our students expressed an awareness of their behavior on the broader community

Summary of Weaknesses:

  • Many of the faculty expressed the challenges to assessing this ILO with a common rubric
  • Some of our students expressed a lack of civic engagement/lack of participation in the broader community in which they live

Proposed Actions:

  • Communicate clear behavioral expectations with the classroom and professional practices
  • Work towards greater engagement of campus wide faculty and staff – model for our students how to be engaged