Merritt College has six distinct Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). All other outcomes (course, program, and service area) are mapped to one or more of the institutional outcomes.

Communicate with clarity and precision using oral, nonverbal, and/or written language, expressing an awareness of audience, situation, and purpose.

Think critically using appropriate methods of reasoning to evaluate ideas and identify and investigate problems and develop creative and practical solutions to issues that arise in workplaces, institutions, and local and global communities.

Apply college-level mathematical reasoning to analyze and explain real-world issues and to interpret and construct graphs, charts, and tables.

Through knowledge of history and cultural diversity, recognize and value perspectives and contributions that persons of diverse backgrounds bring to multicultural settings and respond constructively to issues that arise out of human diversity on both the local and the global level.

Internalize and exhibit ethical values and behaviors that address self-respect and respect for others with integrity and honesty that will enable success and participation in the larger society.

Use appropriate technology to identify, locate, evaluate and present information for personal, educational, and workplace goals.

Assessment of ILOs:

In 2018/2019 the College assessed the continued relevancy of our six ILO’s through several college-wide discussions (Flex events) and online polling. It was decided that our six ILO’s are still relevant and do not need to be changed or updated.

Note: We are working towards assessing our ILO’s on a three-year basis through college-wide discussions, department discussions, and SLOAC committee work. We moved from Taskstream to CurricuNet Meta (documentation tool for assessments) in the Fall of 2018. We are currently unable to use CurricuNet Meta for PLO and ILO assessment documentation because of mapping issues (we can and are using it for SLO assessment documentation) so SLOAC is working with faculty and staff to correct the mapping and to find alternative means of documenting the ILO and PLO assessment work that is being completed.