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Faculty Office Hours Spring 2020

Shabaz Shabazi (Accounting)Wednesday1:00pm - 1:45pmL-126 (Learning Center Commons)
Andrea Henderson (English)Monday & Wednesday10:00am-11:00amL-139A (English Lab)
Crystal Johnson (Communications)Wednesday11:00am- 12:00pmL-139A (English Lab)
Egbert Higinio (English)Wednesday1:30pm-2:30pmL-139A (English Lab)
Janice Grossman (English)Tuesdays & Thursday9:20am-9:50amL-139B
Pauline Chavez (English)Tuesday & Thursday12pm-1pmL-139A (English Lab)
Thomas Hart (English)Tuesdays9:30am-11:30amL-139A (English Lab)
Yael Ehrenberg (Horticulture)Tuesday & Wednesday4:00pm- 5:00pmL-139B (English Lab)
Mariam Hardak-Inberg (Math)Tuesday & Thursday12:15pm- 1:15pmL- 138A (Math Faculty Office)
Michelle Lee (Math)Tuesday & Thursday12:20pm- 1:20pmL-138A (Math Faculty Office)
Sooji Sohr (Math)Tuesday11:50am- 12:50pmL- 138A (Math Lab)
Sun Young Ban (Math)Mon & Weds11:00am-11:30am & 2:00pm to 2:30pmL-138A (Math Lab)
Tues & Thurs12:45pm-1:45pm
Ben Nelson (Marine Biology)Tuesday12:30pm-1:30pmL-139B
Cy Bracy (Medical Terminology)Tuesdays3:30pm-4:30pmL-134 
Janine Nkosi (Sociology)Mon, Tues & Wed12:30pm- 1:30pmL-139A
Jessica Dame Carrol (Biology)Monday & Wednesday12:30pm- 1:30pmL-139B (English Lab)
Kim Murphy (Psychology)Monday11:00am-12:00pmL-139B (English Lab)