Ciantelle Tienzo

Languages: EnglishSubjects: Child Development 

Fall 2023 Schedule: Wednesday 4pm-6pm

Appointment link:

My name is Ciantelle Tienzo, and I’m thrilled to be your guide and supporter at the Merritt College Learning Center. Even though I am on the introverted side, I am wholeheartedly committed to creating a welcoming and affirming space where each of you feels genuinely seen and heard. My strength is being a great listener and observer, tuning into your needs to provide personalized and thoughtful support. I’m also highly aware of the challenges that ableism can present, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that our learning environment is as inclusive and accommodating as possible.

I recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each student’s journey. I’m here to provide a structured yet flexible approach to tutoring, adapting my methods to suit your unique learning and communication styles. In our sessions, you can expect a space filled with active listening, meaningful discussions, and thoughtful questions designed to challenge and inspire you. My ultimate goal is to create a safe and supportive space for you, a place where you can learn and grow free from anxiety, with your identity fully respected and your self-worth never tied to your productivity. I will be a child development tutor, specializing in the following courses:

  • CHDEV 50: Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • CHDEV 51: Child Growth & Development
  • CHDEV 52: Observation & Assessment
  • CHDEV 53: The Child, the Family & the Community
  • CHDEV 54A: Social & Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
  • CHDEV 54B: Introduction to Curriculum

Durley Glavan

Languages: English & Spanish (Native)

Subjects: English, Computer Information Systems & Spanish

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday 10:30am-12pm (zoom only), Tuesday 10am-12pm

Appointment link:

I’m Durley Sandrith Galvan Jimenez, and I’m so excited to be part of your academic journey here at the college. With three years of teaching experience in Colombia, I’ve developed a unique set of skills and a passion for tutoring that I can’t wait to share with you. Teaching reading to a large group of 45 students taught me patience, time management, and adapting to different learning styles. It wasn’t always easy, but it was gratifying. I’ve also had the chance to work closely with parents, helping them support their children’s learning at home, which has honed my communication and leadership skills.

My time teaching computer skills has given me a strong technological background, which I love incorporating into my tutoring sessions. My approach to tutoring is centered on empathy, active listening, problem-solving, and effective time management. I believe in creating a supportive environment where you feel heard and motivated. I’m continuously learning and improving my skills, currently taking programming classes to add another layer to my tutoring. I’m also a big believer in collaboration, actively engaging with fellow tutors and staff, and always looking for new strategies to enhance my tutoring practice. I am excited to offer tutoring services in Mathematics and Spanish alongside support for the following courses:

  • CIS 25: Pogramming Using ROGRAMMING USING C++

Hai Yan Liang

Languages: English

Subjects: Math

Fall 2023 Schedule:  Tuesday 4pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

I am Hai Yan Liang, and I am excited to be your tutor and advocate at the Merritt College Learning Center. My approach to tutoring is all about creating a warm and supportive environment where you can feel completely at ease and understood. I listen actively to your questions and concerns, ensuring we are on the same page and ready to conquer any challenges together.

I welcome mistakes with open arms, as they are essential for learning and mastering any subject. My focus is on developing your critical thinking skills and helping you grasp not only the “how” but also the “why” behind each concept. I adapt my teaching style to meet you where you are, building on your existing knowledge at your own pace. But my role as a tutor goes beyond just our one-on-one sessions. I believe in the power of community and actively collaborate with other tutors and staff, sharing resources and knowledge to enhance our collective learning experience. I continually seek advice from experienced tutors to ensure that I am always bringing my best self to our sessions.

If you’re looking for a tutor who is understanding, patient, and committed to your success, I’m here for you. I have exceptional tutoring skills and expertise in the following courses: 

  • MATH 3A: Calculus I 
  • MATH 3B: Calculus II 
  • MATH 3C: Calculus III

Freddie Ika

SAS Instructional Assistant

Languages: Tongan(Native), English & Spanish

Subjects: Psychology, Sociology and English, Specializing in MLA, APA, Chicago 17 & Turabian formats

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm, Friday 10am-2pm

Appointment Link:

I’m Freddie Ika, and I’m excited to be your tutor! I have a unique approach to tutoring that is all about you, your journey, and how you learn best. I love to adapt and personalize my teaching methods to suit various learning styles and paces, ensuring that our sessions resonate with your unique needs. I take pride in assessing each student’s strengths and weaknesses, tailoring my lessons to meet you right where you are. I strongly advocate for inclusivity and work diligently with students through the Student Accessibility Services (SAS), ensuring everyone gets the support they need.

My tutoring style is built on empathy and connection. I believe in creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment where you can ask questions and share your concerns. We’ll work together to cultivate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, helping you tackle complex problems across various subjects. I incorporate real-world examples, simulations, and multimedia resources to make our sessions engaging and memorable. My commitment is to meet your unique needs, guiding you with patience and persistence toward mastery. I believe in regular assessments and constructive feedback to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

I’m always looking for new and innovative educational tools and materials to enhance our sessions, and I’m dedicated to staying updated on the latest educational methodologies and technological advancements. I tutor Psychology, Sociology, English, and Writing Styles Across All Curriculums and specific courses as well:

  • PSYCH 12: Human Sexuality 
  • PSYCH 1A: Introduction to General Psychology 
  • PSYCH 24: Abnormal Psychology 
  • PSYCH 6: Social Psychology 
  • SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology 
  • SOC 120: Introduction to Research Methods 
  • SOC 2: Social Problems
  • SOC 5: Minority Groups 
  • ENGL 1A: Composition and Reading 
  • ENGL 1AS: Composition and Reading with Support 
  • ENGL 1B: Composition and Reading 
  • ENGL 5: Critical Thinking in Reading 
  • Writing Styles: APA 7th Edition, MLA 9th Edition & Chicago 17th Edition

Jay Yang

Languages: English

Subjects: Biology 20 A/B

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday 12pm-2pm, Wednesday and Friday 11am-2pm 

Appointment Link:

Tunmise Akanle

Subjects: Math 3E (Linear Algegra), CIS 1, History 7B, 

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday 2pm-4pm, Wednesday 1pm-4pm

Appointment Link:

Jazalyn Johnson

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS, Statistics

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday & Tuesday 9am-2pm, Thursday 1pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

Quyen “Lisa” Dang

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California-Davis

Subjects: Biology 

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday 1pm-2pm; 5pm-6pm, Thursday 11am-12:30pm

Appointment Link:

Hello! I’m Quyen, but you can call me Lisa. At Merritt College Learning Center, biology isn’t just my area of expertise—it’s my passion, and I’m all about passing that enthusiasm on to you. Everyone’s journey in understanding the living world is unique, and I’m here to support your path. I believe in guiding you towards those ‘lightbulb’ moments where the pieces of knowledge click together in profound understanding. That’s why I don’t just hand over answers; I encourage you to actively engage and ask the critical questions that lead to deeper learning. Through our sessions, you’ll develop not just a grasp of Human Anatomy and Physiology but a genuine connection with the material.

With your insights, I tailor a learning plan as individual as you are, employing your preferred learning styles to ensure you’re not just keeping up but excelling. I’m dedicated to working collaboratively, both with you and my fellow tutors, to ensure you receive the best tutoring experience possible. When I’m not immersed in tutoring, you might find me lost in a book, mastering the latest video game, or unwinding with my favorite movies and TV shows. So, if you’re ready to dive into BIOL 20A or 20B and understand what makes us tick, I’m here to embark on that adventure with you.

  • BIOL 20A: Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL 20B: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Professor Dan Lawson

Subjects: Math

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday – Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm, Wednesday 2pm-3pm

Appointment Link:

John Aidun

Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Geology & Radiologic ScienceFall 2023 Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am-1pm

Appointment Link:

Hey there! I’m John Aidun, and my passion for science and education runs deep. After an exciting career at a renowned U.S. Dept. of Energy National Laboratory, managing brilliant Ph.D. researchers exploring the frontiers of materials for batteries, energy storage, and advanced computing, I’ve turned my attention to something I deeply care about, helping students like you grasp the magic of science and technology. What sets me apart? It’s my dedication to making complex concepts relatable. Having been a father to two young adults, managing research teams, and now being a proud tutor at Merritt College Learning Center, I’ve honed my ability to break down complicated topics in a way that makes sense to everyone.

When we meet for tutoring, my approach is personalized. I’ll take a moment to understand your academic aspirations and tailor our sessions accordingly. I’ll pepper our discussions with practical examples to nurture your problem-solving skills and independent thinking. My goal? To make learning engaging and to help you see the real-world applications of what we discuss.

The environment at Merritt College Learning Center is one of support and collaboration, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this nurturing community. My background spans physics, chemistry, geology, math, and even a touch of biology. So, whether you’re wrestling with Linear Algebra, General Chemistry, or Radiographic Physics, I’m here to guide you. Students can seek my assistance for the following courses:

  • MATH 3E: Linear Algebra 
  • MATH 3F: Differential Equations 
  • MATH 13: Introduction to Statistics 
  • MATH 50: Trigonometry 
  • MATH 203: Intermediate Algebra 
  • CHEM 1A: General Chemistry 
  • CHEM 30A: Introductory General Chemistry
  • CHEM 30B: Introductory Organic and Biochemistry 
  • PHYS 2A: General Physics 
  • PHYS 4A: General Physics with Calculus 
  • PHYS 10: Introduction to Physics
  • GEOL 1: Introduction to Physical Geology 
  • RADSC 2A: Radiographic Physics I 
  • NURS 12: Calculation of Drug Dosages for Health Professionals

Mariana Lopez

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 11am-3pm

Appointment Link:

Grace Bui

Languages: English, Vietnamese (Native) & Mandarin Chinese

Subjects: English & Chemistry 

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

My name is Kim Ngoc Bui, but you can call me Grace. I’m here to be your companion on this wild ride we call academic writing, especially if English isn’t your first language—just like it wasn’t for me. I get it; words can be tricky and sometimes feel like a tangled mess. That’s where I come in, not just as a tutor but as someone who’s been in your shoes. I’ve crafted my tutoring to be as warm and inviting as your favorite coffee shop. We’ll sit down together, and you’ll share your ideas with me. I’ll ask questions, listen carefully, and guide you toward those “aha” moments that excite learning. We’ll explore writing and chemistry in ways that make sense to you, using tools like mind maps and videos or just doodling concepts until they click.

To me, tutoring is about connection. It’s about creating a space where you can learn at your pace and not feel rushed by the clock or the calendar. When we work together, I want you to be accessible to explore and make those subjects your own. I’m all about collaboration—so I’m constantly learning new strategies from my peers to make sure I’m offering you the best support I can. I’m your go-to for navigating the maze of English writing and demystifying the elements of Chemistry. Let’s make this journey yours—full of growth, confidence, and your brand of success. My expertise extends to courses such as: 

  • CHEM 1A: General Chemistry 
  • CHEM 1B: General Chemistry 
  • CHEM 30A: Introductory General Chemistry
  • ENGL 1A: Composition and Reading 
  • ENGL 1B: Composition and Reading 

Kahayag-gabrielle fay

Languages: English, Indonesian, Bisaya

Subject: ENG-1A, 1AS, 5

Fall 2023 Schedule: Wednesday 9:30am-1:30pm

Appointment Link:

Hello! I am Kahayag, and I am currently a fellow student in the Peralta system. I am from the Philippines and Indonesia, and am now based in Oakland- Chochenyo Ohlone lands. I am passionate about seeing through many different perspectives, and translating across different cultures. Education and inclusive learning that serves the people and meets the needs of the community is a passion of mine— so I thoroughly enjoy showing up to the best of my ability, listening, and learning alongside the folks I assist. School can be hard, and I am constantly finding ways to make the process fun and interesting, while simultaneously challenging myself and not taking myself too seriously. I am a tutor for ENG-1A, so if you need some help translating your thoughts into eloquent sentences, hit me up through the learning center!
P.s. My languages are English, Indonesian, Bisaya

Micah Burris

Languages: English

Subjects: Communications, English 1A, 1AS

Fall 2023 Schedule: Wednesday 11am-2pm, Thursday 1pm-2pm

Appointment Link:

Dana Rhodes, AKA Ms. Dana

Languages: English

Subjects: Writing Across the Curriculum

Fall 2023 Schedule: Friday 11am-4pm

Appointment Link:

My name is Dana. While taking classes at Merritt and needing an income, I became a tutor at the Merritt College Learning Center (MCLC) in Spring 2016. After my 2018 graduation with my AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, I remain a tutor that understands the importance of support that most students need to successfully pass their courses. I am a certified tutor in English 1A and 5/Writing Across the Curriculum. I am also available to students in Comm 20, AFRAM 31, 30 and 12, Music 15, Psych1A and 12 and some COSER courses. I tutor students to make them feel encouraged to learn study skills that will help them to be successful in their college level courses.  

Charlotte Milton

Languages: English

Subjects: English, Communications, Administrative Justice

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 1pm-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11am-4pm

Appointment Link:

Elias Tadesse

Languages: English

Subjects: Communications 20 (Interpersonal Communications), English 1A, 1AS

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday 11:30am-2pm, Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 1pm-4pm

Appointment Link:

Yuan Gao

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Subjects: Pre-Calc, Calculus I, II

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 12:30pm-4pm

Appointment Link:

I am an older, non-traditional student born and raised in Dalian of China, and moved to Guangzhou to pursue my dream of music as a rock drummer for a decade. After immigrating to the U.S. and settling in California about five years ago, I have had a satisfying journey transitioning from an ESL student to a college student studying Computer Science at Peralta campuses. Being a Math Tutor is an excellent opportunity for me to give back to the Peralta community that I depend on, which has given me a second chance to live a different life. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve at Merritt Learning Center to help our fellow students seeking additional help to succeed in their academic studies.Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your questions. I will do my best to assist in any way I can.

Polly Jones

Subjects: LRNRE 211, LRNRE 261/561, LRNRE 272/572, LRNRE 280 and SAS Students.

Fall 2023 Schedule: Friday 10am-4pm

Appointment Link:

Stephanie Garcia

Languages: English, Spanish

Subjects: Child Development, English, Writing

Fall 2023 Schedule: Zoom Only – Tuesday 12pm-1pm, 5pm-6pm; Wednesday 10am-11am, Thursday 5pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

Mina Idyk

Languages: English

Subjects: Microbiology, ESOL

Fall 2023 Schedule: Monday 5pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

Brittany Smith

Languages: English

Subjects: Microbiology

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday 11am-1pm, Wednesday 12pm-2pm

Appointment Link:

Julia Macmillan

Languages: English

Subjects: Biology 2 (Human Anatomy)

Fall 2023 Schedule: Tuesday 10:45am-12:45pm

Appointment Link: