Ciantelle Tienzo

Languages: English, Tagalog/Filipino

Subjects: Child Development

Spring 2024 Schedule: Wednesday 4pm-6pm

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My name is Ciantelle and I look forward to supporting you at the Merritt College Learning Center! I started my Merritt journey with Landscape Horticulture classes and eventually started the Child Development program. As a peer tutor, I’m here to provide a structured yet flexible approach to tutoring, adapting my methods to suit your unique learning and communication styles. In our sessions, you can expect a space filled with active listening, meaningful discussions, and thoughtful questions designed to challenge and inspire you. My ultimate goal is to create a safe and supportive space for you, a place where we can learn from and with each other as we work toward your educational goals. I tutor CHDEV 50, 51, 52, 53, 54A, and 54B. My languages are English and Tagalog/Filipino.

Hai Yan Liang

Languages: English

Subjects: Calculus I, II, III

Spring 2024 Schedule:  Friday 10am-2pm

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I am Hai Yan Liang, and I am excited to be your tutor and advocate at the Merritt College Learning Center. My approach to tutoring is all about creating a warm and supportive environment where you can feel completely at ease and understood. I listen actively to your questions and concerns, ensuring we are on the same page and ready to conquer any challenges together.

I welcome mistakes with open arms, as they are essential for learning and mastering any subject. My focus is on developing your critical thinking skills and helping you grasp not only the “how” but also the “why” behind each concept. I adapt my teaching style to meet you where you are, building on your existing knowledge at your own pace. But my role as a tutor goes beyond just our one-on-one sessions. I believe in the power of community and actively collaborate with other tutors and staff, sharing resources and knowledge to enhance our collective learning experience. I continually seek advice from experienced tutors to ensure that I am always bringing my best self to our sessions.

Freddie Ika

SAS Instructional Assistant

Languages: Tongan(Native), English & Spanish

Subjects: Psychology, Sociology and English, Specializing in MLA, APA, Chicago 17 & Turabian formats

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday & Wednesday: 9am-6pm Friday: 10am-2pm

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I’m Freddie Ika, a tutor who prioritizes your learning journey and needs. With a passion for adaptive and personalized teaching, I focus on your unique learning styles and paces to ensure our sessions are impactful. I excel in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, customizing lessons to align with your current level. My approach is inclusive, working closely with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to support every student. My tutoring is rooted in empathy and connection, aiming to create a comfortable environment where questions and concerns are welcomed. We’ll enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through engaging methods, including real-world examples and multimedia resources. I’m committed to your progress, using regular assessments and constructive feedback to guide you toward mastery. Staying abreast of educational tools and trends, I’m dedicated to making our sessions both effective and memorable. I tutor Psychology, Sociology, English, and Writing Styles Across All Curriculums and specific courses as well:

Jihwan “Jay” Yang

Languages: English

Subjects: Biology 20 A/B (Anatomy & Physiology), English 1A, Communications 20, 45

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 12pm-2pm, Friday 11am-1pm

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I’m Jihwan Yang, a tutor at Merritt College Learning Center. I blend my deep knowledge in biology and communications to enhance my tutoring approach. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid understanding of these fields, enabling me to bring valuable insights to my students. I’ve meticulously reviewed course materials from my previous studies, preparing myself to support and guide students effectively. My strength lies in my empathetic approach; I understand students’ hurdles with complex subjects. I strive to simplify challenging concepts innovatively by connecting and empathizing with them. This approach not only makes learning more accessible but also more engaging. My passion for teaching and dedication to student success drives me to explore creative solutions that foster understanding and academic growth. At Merritt College’s Learning Center, I am committed to making a difference in students’ lives by making tough subjects more approachable and understandable.

Jazalyn Johnson

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS, Statistics

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday 9am-2pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-2pm, Wednesday 12pm-1:30pm

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As an Oakland native, I bring a unique blend of qualities, skills, and strategies to my role as a Merritt College Learning Center tutor. My deep commitment to education and dedication to student success have honed my skills as an educator. I am always on a quest for growth, seeking new knowledge, strategies, and skills to assist my students better. My openness to innovative methods keeps me updated with the latest educational techniques, enhancing my ability to connect with and support my peers. My tutoring experience has taught me to employ diverse strategies that significantly improve my student’s academic performance and personal growth. I possess a deep understanding of the subjects I tutor, which allows me to simplify complex concepts for my students. My excellent communication skills, patience, and adaptability are the foundation of my tutoring approach, enabling me to meet the unique learning needs of each student. I believe in creating a comfortable and stress-free learning environment to encourage deeper engagement with the material and foster a love for learning. I am excited to apply my tutoring expertise to various courses, including Composition and Reading, Introduction to Statistics, and various legal studies such as Family Law, Criminal Law, and Paralegal Studies Internship. My tutoring skills and expertise extend to the following courses:

Quyen “Lisa” Dang

Subjects: Anatomy & Physiology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Spring 2024 Schedule: Tuesday 12pm-1:30pm, Thursday 3:30pm-5pm

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Hello, I’m Lisa, and I am a biology and chemistry tutor at the MCLC. I got my BS in Biochemistry at UC Davis in 2021 and I have a strong passion for the biological sciences. I love being able to share that passion and hopefully being able to help others find their passion for it as well. If you ever want to go over or discuss anything biology or chemistry related, please feel free to make an appointment with me for one-on-one tutoring! I look forward to working with you!

Professor Dan Lawson

Subjects: Math

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday – Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm, Wednesday 2pm-3pm

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John Aidun

Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Geology & Radiologic Science

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 1pm-4pm

Appointment Link:

I am a physicist, retired from managing Ph.D.-level researchers at a U.S. DOE lab creating and adapting materials for energy storage and future computing technology. I now enjoy helping students better understand science and technology. My goal as a tutor is to make complicated Science & Technology topics more accessible and to show you see the real-world applications of a topic. Merritt Learning Center has a supportive and collaborative environment. My background spans physics, chemistry, geology, math, and some biology. Students can seek my assistance for non-calculus Math, any physical science courses, including: MATH 13: Intro Statistics; MATH 3E: Linear Algebra; MATH 3F: Differential Equations; MATH 50: Trigonometry; MATH 203: Intermediate Algebra CHEM 1A or 30A: General Chemistry; CHEM 30B: Introductory Organic PHYS 2A or 4A: General Physics; PHYS 10: Intro Physics GEOL 1: Intro Physical Geology RADSC 2A: Radiographic PhysicsI NURS 12: Calculating Drug Dosages for Health Professional

Mariana Lopez

Languages: English, Spanish

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS, Nutrition

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 12:30pm-3pm

Appointment Link:

Hey Panthers! I am a first generation, second year Puente student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. I will be transferring in the Fall of 2024. I tutor ENGL 1AS, 1, 5, Writing, and Nutrition. Hablo Español. In my spare time I like to workout, go to baseball games, and collect Harry Potter merch.

Kahayag-gabrielle fay

Languages: English, Indonesian, Bisaya

Subject: ENG-1A, 1AS, 5

Spring 2024 Schedule: Tuesday 10am-1pm

Appointment Link:

Hello! I am Kahayag, and I am currently a fellow student in the Peralta system. I am from the Philippines and Indonesia, and am now based in Oakland- Chochenyo Ohlone lands. I am passionate about seeing through many different perspectives, and translating across different cultures. Education and inclusive learning that serves the people and meets the needs of the community is a passion of mine— so I thoroughly enjoy showing up to the best of my ability, listening, and learning alongside the folks I assist. School can be hard, and I am constantly finding ways to make the process fun and interesting, while simultaneously challenging myself and not taking myself too seriously. I am a tutor for ENG-1A, so if you need some help translating your thoughts into eloquent sentences, hit me up through the learning center!
P.s. My languages are English, Indonesian, Bisaya

Micah Burris

Languages: English

Subjects: Communications, English 1A, 1AS

Spring 2024 Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-4pm, Wednesday 2pm-6pm

Appointment Link:

I’m Micah Burris, and I bring patience and ambition to each tutoring session, aiming not only to enhance student’s understanding of their assignments but also to boost their comfort and confidence in learning. I start by asking about their likes and dislikes in the subject, which helps me tailor my approach to their unique needs. I believe in devising study and memorization strategies that empower students to continue their learning journey independently, even beyond our sessions. By taking time to understand students learning style, I can apply techniques that genuinely improve comprehension and retention. Collaboration is critical to my method; I often exchange tips and insights with colleagues to ensure I can support my students on any topic. I aim for students to leave each session feeling more knowledgeable and self-assured in their academic pursuits.

Dana Rhodes, AKA Ms. Dana

Languages: English

Subjects: Writing Across the Curriculum

Spring 2024 Schedule: TBD

Appointment Link:

My name is Dana. While taking classes at Merritt and needing an income, I became a tutor at the Merritt College Learning Center (MCLC) in Spring 2016. After my 2018 graduation with my AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, I remain a tutor that understands the importance of support that most students need to successfully pass their courses. I am a certified tutor in English 1A and 5/Writing Across the Curriculum. I am also available to students in Comm 20, AFRAM 31, 30 and 12, Music 15, Psych1A and 12 and some COSER courses. I tutor students to make them feel encouraged to learn study skills that will help them to be successful in their college level courses.  

Charlotte Milton

Languages: English

Subjects: English, Communications, Administrative Justice

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 1pm-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday 12pm-5pm

Appointment Link:

As a Merritt College’s Learning Center tutor, my passion lies in guiding students towards academic success. I thrive on creating a positive, inclusive environment, supporting traditional, distance learning, and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) students. My approach is built on problem-solving, empathy, flexibility, and patience, ensuring each student’s unique needs are met. I believe in promoting a growth mindset and inclusivity, empowering students to see challenges as opportunities for learning. Adaptability is key in my tutoring, tailoring methods to individual learning styles and abilities for optimal outcomes. Beyond tutoring, I am an ambassador, coordinating session times and fostering collaboration. My commitment to accurate record-keeping and enhancing our tutoring services underscores my dedication to student success and the enriching learning community at Merritt College.

Elias Tadesse

Languages: English

Subjects: Communications 20 (Interpersonal Communications), English 1A, 1AS

Spring 2024 Schedule: Wednesday 9am-2pm, Thursday 1pm-2pm, Friday 10am-2pm

Appointment Link:

Hey everyone! I’m a Film major and I was raised in the Town (Oakland if you ain’t know). I’ve been a tutor with the Merritt College Learning Center since January of 2023, and I love helping out where I can. Officially, I tutor English and Communications but I am always down to help with technical issues or do whatever I can to help you as a student. I hope to see folks in the MCLC this semester. Peace!

Yuan Gao

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Subjects: Pre-Calc, Calculus I, II

Spring 2024 Schedule: Thursday 12pm-3pm

Appointment Link:

I am an older, non-traditional student born and raised in Dalian of China, and moved to Guangzhou to pursue my dream of music as a rock drummer for a decade. After immigrating to the U.S. and settling in California about five years ago, I have had a satisfying journey transitioning from an ESL student to a college student studying Computer Science at Peralta campuses. Being a Math Tutor is an excellent opportunity for me to give back to the Peralta community that I depend on, which has given me a second chance to live a different life. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve at Merritt Learning Center to help our fellow students seeking additional help to succeed in their academic studies.Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your questions. I will do my best to assist in any way I can.

Brittany Smith

Languages: English

Subjects: Microbiology,

Spring 2024 Schedule: Tuesday  and Wednesday 11am-1pm

Appointment Link:

Eric Urbach

Languages: English

Subjects: Communication 20 & 5, Sociology 1, Music 10, Sociology 1, Political Science 1, 2, 3,and English 1A/1AS. Eric is also available for Canvas and Chromebook assistance.

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday  and Wednesday 11am-1pm

Appointment Link:

Hello! I’m 35 years of age, returning to school after a long absence, majoring in Political Science . I am a musician, recording engineer, surfer, and traveler. I’m here at the learning center to help and encourage students to get through school so they may reach their goals in life. I am available for tutoring in Political Science, Sociology, English1A, Music and Communications. Come say hi!

Josiah Williams

Languages: English

Subjects: Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition

Spring 2024 Schedule: Wednesday 5pm-6pm, Thursday 11am-1pm

Appointment Link:

Jaydee Phung

Languages: English

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS

Spring 2024 Schedule: Tuesday 2pm-5pm

Appointment Link:

Hello! I’m Jaydee Phung. At the Learning Center, everyone comes in looking for support whether it is in English or Anatomy, but I stayed because of the community at the learning center. Everyone at Merritt College has come from different backgrounds and followed different paths that lead them here. I’m excited to be a tutor this year and support you on your academic journey. As a tutor, our sessions will be personalized to your learning styles and finding out who you are as a student. I’m passionate about assisting others in any way I can, and helping students grow as a person and as a learner.

Juan Rizo

Languages: English

Subjects: Calculus II, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra

Spring 2024 Schedule: Friday 12pm-2pm

Appointment Link:

Hello everyone, my name is Juan Rizo, and my major is computer science. I know how to speak Spanish and English! And I love socializing with people. I have a strong passion for helping others because it allows us to learn in greater depth and detail. I am a big fan of outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. Likewise, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing video games, and learning new things.


Armando Castellanos

Languages: English

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS, 1B, 5, Pre-Calculus, Communications 20, Micro Economics

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 9:30am-2pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-2pm

Appointment Link:


Sabrina Fox

Languages: English

Subjects: English 1A, 1AS, 1B, 5, Afram 12, 31

Spring 2024 Schedule: Monday 2pm-6pm

Appointment Link: