COVID-19: Transfer Student Updates

Merritt College Campus is closed until further notice. We are available for virtual appointments and are responding to emails as timely as we can. Please visit this page weekly for transfer-related events and webinars.


RSVP with your name and Student ID, phone number, and event title to the email listed or click to join

DateDayTimeCollege LinkStatus
March 27th - April 30thIf you have completed 45+ associate level units you may be nearing completion of an Associate Degree. Counselor Appointment Make an appointment with us! Book online now
12-April 2021MONDAY12:00 – 1:00pmSamuel Merritt University - BS Nursing Live ChatSamuel Merritt zoom link open
12-April 2021MONDAY2:00pm - 5:00 pmSF State Advising with College RepSF State Appointment Linkbook online
13-April 2021TUESDAY10:00am – 1:00pmHoly Names University Drop-InHoly Names Zoom Linkopen
14-April 2021WEDNESDAY1:30pm - 4pmUC Berkeley Advising with College Rep.UCB Appointment Linkbook online
14-April 2021WEDNESDAY11:00am – 1pmMills College Virtual VisitMills college Zoom Linkfull
15-April 2021THURSDAY11:00am – 3pmCSU East Bay Advising with College Rep.CSUEB Appointment Linkbook online

The Merritt College Transfer Center provides assistance for students who plan to transfer to a four-year university.

The following are the services you can get at the Transfer Center: