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Centro Latino Services at Merritt College is committed to providing support services to students from various ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds who desire to pursue higher education. While collaborating with other programs on campus and surrounding communities, the Centro Latino will focus on outreach, recruitment, and retention of Chicano/Latino communities.

Our vision is to create educational opportunities for students of underrepresented backgrounds that will help increase their resources, skills, desire for lifelong learning, and enhance their quality of life through education.


  • Bilingual and Bicultural Counselor
  • Academic, Career, Personal Counseling
  • Community Referrals
  • High School Concurrent Enrollment Advising

Specialized Services

  • Coordinate and Facilitate High School Presentations
  • Outreach Activities
  • Multicultural Presentations to Faculty

Community and Fruitvale Services

  • Bilingual Academic Counseling for ESL and College-level Courses

Other Resources

  • AB 540 Advising
  • Information on Scholarships/Becas
  • Information on Bilingual Courses
  • Referral to Puente