The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. This program is designed to prepare students for beginning positions in Registered Nursing. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the state licensing examination for registered nurses. The course of study includes instruction in applied nursing sciences, related natural and social/behavioral sciences, and clinical nursing experience in hospitals and healthcare facilities located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The AS degree in Nursing will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the Program Pre-requisite requirements, Group A General Education/ Graduation requirements, and the Group B Major course requirements.

Students may apply for admission only once per year.

In order to apply for admission into the ADN Program, students must complete the admission program pre- requisites. After completion of the program prerequisite courses, students may apply to the ADN Program. Applications are evaluated to determine if the student is eligible to continue in the application process based upon the Chancellor’s Advisory Model Pre-requisites.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The student must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have passed the GED test or equivalent.
  2. All pre-requisite courses in Program Prerequisite Courses must be completed before applying for admission into the program.
  3. Foreign transcripts must be submitted to an international education service for evaluation and official sealed results submitted with the application. Forms may be obtained from the Counseling Office.
  4. Nonresident foreign students must see the International Student Advisor before applying.

Admission Criteria For Fall 2024:

The Program utilizes the Chancellor’s Advisory Model Pre-requisites for Enrollment in Associate Degree Nursing Program admission criteria. Students must complete all program pre-requisites prior to applying to the ADN Program for admission. While it is highly recommended that students complete both Program Prerequisite Courses and Group A courses prior to entry into the ADN Program, admission into the ADN Program will be based upon the Chancellor’s Advisory Model Prerequisites for Enrollment in the Associate Degree Nursing Program (Program Prerequisite Courses).

Application and Admission Process:

The application and admission process consists of the following criteria:

  1. All English coursework: 2.5 GPA or above is required.
  2. Biology Core (anatomy, physiology, and microbiology): 2.5 GPA or above is required.
  3. A formula approved by the State Chancellor’s Office computes each student’s cut score. A cut score of 80% or higher is required to meet eligibility requirements. Biology core repetitions adversely affect the overall score. All repeats, regardless of the grade (including a withdrawal “W” grade), are counted as a repetition.
  4. Students who have met the minimum cut score (80%) must also pass a diagnostic assessment test, the TEAS Exam. Students who fail to achieve a passing score will be required to complete additional Pre-Nursing coursework prior to admission and enrollment in the Nursing program. Pre-Nursing coursework and clearance of diagnostic assessment deficiencies must be completed to become eligible for admission to the program.
  5. A lottery is conducted that includes all students who show academic readiness by having received a passing 62% score on the TEAS Exam. This lottery is used for selecting the students who will be admitted to and enrolled in the Nursing Program.

Prior to Admission:

All students selected for admission to the program must meet the following additional requirements:

  1. A recent (within 6 months) physical examination certifying good physical health must be satisfactorily completed, at the student’s own expense. This includes proof of negative results of annual tuberculosis (TB) screening.
  2. CPR (Basic Life Support) certification must be current within one year at the time of application and must remain current throughout the length of the program.
  3. Criminal background check and drug screening.

Upon admission to the college, students should obtain an Initial Evaluation Request Form from the college’s Admissions and Records Office for courses completed at other colleges or universities.

Course Requirements: 

Pre-requisite Requirements: 

  • BIOL 20A – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (5 units)
  • BIOL 20B – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (5 units)


  • BIOL 2 – Human Anatomy with Lab (5 units)
  • BIOL 4 – Human Physiology with Lab (5 units)


  • BIOL 3 – Microbiology with Lab (5 units)
  • ENGL 1A – Composition and Reading (4 units)OR ENGL 1AS – Composition and Reading with Support

Composition and Reading will not be substituted/waived by any other course. Submit course equivalency documentation signed by the English Department Chair at Merritt College.)

 Group A – General Education/Graduation Requirements:

Although Group “A” courses meet Graduation Requirements and can be completed prior to or after admission into the ADN Program, it is highly recommended that these courses be completed prior to admission into the program. Each Group “A” course must be completed with a grade of “C” or above (letter grade only) “C-” is not acceptable. The minimum unit requirement for the Associate degree is 19 units; some of these requirements can be met by the program prerequisite courses requirements. Ethnic Studies is a degree requirement that must be completed (no exceptions or waivers can be applied)even though they are not required by the BRN for licensure. All other A courses are required for licensure. PLEASE NOTE:Admission to the nursing program does NOT GUARANTEE you have met ALL Merritt College graduation requirements. Please meet with a college counselor to ensure that all Graduation Requirements are met.


Group B – Degree Major Requirements:

The following courses are to be completed after admission into the ADN program. These courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (a 75% passing grade) in lecture and satisfactory clinical performance in each section of a course (“C-” is not acceptable):

Group B  – Nursing Degree Major Requirements: (44 units)

  • NURS 1 – Fundamentals in Nursing: Beginning Principles of Health Care
  • NURS 3A – Perinatal Nursing
  • NURS 3B – Pediatric Nursing
  • NURS 4A – Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • NURS 4B – Psych Mental Health Nursing
  • NURS 5 – Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing: Disruption in Homeostasis
  • NURS 10 – Leadership and Management
  • NURS 11 – Ethics and Law
  • NURS 12 – Calculation of Drug Dosages for Health Professionals
  • NURS 13 – Pharmacology in Nursing
  • NURS 14 – Nutrition and Diet Therapy in Nursing
  • NURS 20 – Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement in Nursing