The following information is provided to help Veterans with healthcare experience in obtaining advance placement into Merritt College’s ADN program.

To be considered for advance placement, military healthcare experience must be within three years of request following an honorable discharge, as evidenced by Form DD-214, prerequisites* must be completed, and ATI TEAS passed. An individual appointment with the Program Director or designee will be required.

If you are a military veteran:

Licensed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN):

  • There will be a review of transcripts and experience to determine if obstetric and pediatric content is sufficient for placement in second or third semester. If not, the student will enter the appropriate second semester class (obstetric and/or pediatric).
  • Written exam to cover 1st semester/Fundamental content to be successfully completed at 75% minimum.
  • Successful completion of drug dose calculation exam at 75% minimum.

Healthcare experience but not Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN):

All of the above including:

  • A first semester fundamentals skills test of all skills to be completed at 75% minimum


*Merritt College ADN program prerequisites: as listed in the current brochure/application