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The Assessment Process

There are four steps in the assessment of student learning:

1) the assessment plan

2) the assessment results

3) the action plan and

4) the status update

A rubric for assessment work has been developed; use this Rubric for Evaluating Assessment Results to assess your assessment.

The most important part of the assessment process is the action plan. This is the part that describes what changes will be made to improve on your results. Some examples of action items are:

  • revision of course outlines
  • revision of student learning outcomes and/or the assessment tool
  • revision of textbook choices
  • improved access to specific student services (e.g. expanded computer lab hours)
  • inclusion of embedded support with instructional assistants and/or embedded tutors
  • development of supplemental course materials
  • improved assignment scaffolding (e.g. rubrics, models, prompts, etc.)
  • clarification of course and/or assignment expectations
  • utilization of the “flipped classroom” approach
  • increased use of technology

Once you have carried out your assessment, collected data, and developed a plan for improvement, you will need to input this information into Taskstream.

It is often easier to describe your assessment work before you attempt to document it in Taskstream. A word file (ASSESSMENT PLAN) has been created which mimics the Taskstream prompts. You can fill this out offline and then cut and paste your responses into taskstream using the directions on the Entering Assessment Data Into Taskstream (A Step-by-Step Guide) page.