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Welcome to the Puente Program at Merritt College!

                                                                         Fall 2018-Spring 2019

About Puente
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The Puente Project is a transfer support program designed to increase the number of educationally underrepresented students who:

  • Enroll in four-year colleges and universities
  • Earn college degrees
  • And return to their communities as mentors and leaders

Puente means “bridge” in Spanish. As the name suggests, we help students build bridges to higher education.

Puente is an award-winning program that has helped thousands of students reach their dreams of college success through its innovative combination of accelerated writing instruction, intensive academic counseling and mentoring.

Puente is co-sponsored by the California Community Colleges and the     University of California.

Puente students . . .

• Take a rigorous two-course English class sequence (English 1A in the Fall semester and English 5 in Spring semester) from a Puente teacher. The writing courses integrate Latino topics and Latino literature.

• Take a personal development course in Fall and Spring semesters, which provide career and major development, team building, and transfer preparation.

• Work closely with Puente-trained counselors to prepare their educational plans and remain focused on their academic goals.

• Participate in activities with mentors from the professional community.

• Participate in educational field trips, including 4-year college visits.

• Communicate with the Puente teacher and counselor for support with their educational endeavors.

Fall 2019 Puente Classes

English 1A (47677) — 4 units — Composition & Reading

In this course, students will sharpen their reading and writing skills to prepare them for English 1A and other college transfer courses that require reading and writing papers. In this course, students will be developing their ability to write clear, coherent, and well-developed paragraphs and essays. Students will also gain practice and skills in active reading, inferences, and critical thinking. Compositions will require students to write about choosing options, evaluating information, making comparisons, arguing a position and debating issues.

Counseling 24: — 2 units— College Success

Students will acquire college success skills: Time Management, good study habits, effective note taking, goal-setting strategies, educational planning, and use of the library and other learning resources.

Spring 2020 Puente Classes

English 5 (Tentative)- Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing

Counseling 57 – Career and Life Planning

Who is Eligible?

All CCC students who are eligible to enroll in English 201 in the Fall semester are eligible for the Puente Project. Students must possess a desire to transfer to a four-year college or university.



  Main Puente Office for Northern California, located at the University of California Office of the President

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