Fall Puente Classes

English 1AS (5-units) – Composition and Reading with Support.

Reading and writing expository prose: Critical thinking, identifying logical fallacies, and reasoning inductively and deductively.


Counseling 24 (3-units) – College Success.

Identification and development of resources that facilitate college success: High-performance learning utilizing information organization and management, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, effective time management, learning styles and strategies and memory theory, goal setting, and educational planning, and campus/community resources.


Spring Puente Classes

English 5 (3-units) – Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing.

Development of the ability to analyze, criticize and advocate ideas: Relationship of language to logic, induction, and deduction, facts, inferences, judgments, and formal and informal fallacies of language and thought. Instructs in writing about issues of critical thinking to develop both thinking and writing skills.


Counseling 57 (3-units) – Career and Life Planning.

In-depth career and life planning: Self-exploration, identifying values, interests, needs, and goals; development of skills for assuming careers and lifestyles over the life span, influence of career choice on the quality of life, and the development of a career action plan. Designed to assist those students considering the transition of a career change or undecided about the selection of a college transfer major.