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To schedule counseling appointments and to find out our drop-in hours, please call 510.436.2475 or stop by R-109.  If you have general questions, please call 510.436.2475, and we will route your message to a Counselor who will return your call.

ALERT: If you need to clear prerequisite holds and have transcripts and/or assessment results for exemption from orientation and assessment, you may schedule an appointment or come by during our drop-in hours to meet with a Counselor.

Full-Time Staff

Counseling Co-Chair
Marta Zielke
Building R-109
(510) 436-2529

Counseling Co-Chair
Lesley Scurry
Building R-109M
(510) 436-2686

Stefani de Vito
Building R-105J
(510) 436-2468

Angela Khoo
Building R-109J
(510) 434-3961

Steve Pantell
Building R-109L
(510) 436-2573

Rosa S. Perez
Building R-109C
(510) 434-3972

Derrick Ross
Building R-105H
(510) 434-3943

José Salceda
Building R-105C
(510) 436-2637

Part-Time Staff

Marlo Beall
Building R-109A
(510) 436-2475

Roniqua Cook-Greene
Building R-109A
(510) 436-2475

Will Diehl
Building R-109A
(510) 436-2475

Chelsea Kubischta
Building R-109A
(510) 436-2475

Lavora Mathis-Payne
Building R-109A
(510) 436-2475

Etna Laura Ross
Building R-109A
(510) 434-3916