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Welcome to the Career Center at Merritt College!

Sara is the Career Counselor at Merritt College. She started her educational journey at UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare and a minor in Education and received her master’s degree in College Counseling from San Francisco State University.

Sara provides academic, career, and personal counseling and enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about working with students from different backgrounds and experiences to help them reach their job placement, educational, and career goals. She most enjoys students navigating the community college to help them feel empowered in their process and continue to reach their career and academic goals. Reach out to Sara *HERE if you want to make an appointment with her regarding career services!

*The career center will provide remote services to assist you with your career questions. We are now open for remote appointments. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your career journey.

*Please see a counselor for access codes for some websites listed below

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Resume Cover Letter Choosing a Major & Career
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Employment Opportunities

Streaming Job Fair
Virtual Job Fair- City of Oakland To connect unemployed Oakland residents with current job opportunities, the City of Oakland Workforce Development Board is hosting a Virtual Job Fair Series.

College Central Network
Natural History and Sustainability Job Board
Natural History and Sustainability Advisory Board
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Counseling 57
  • Offered in Fall & Spring!
  • In-depth career and life planning: Self-exploration, identifying values, interests, needs and goals; development of skills for assuming careers and lifestyles over the life span, the influence of career choice on the quality of life, and the development of a career action plan. Designed to assist those students considering the transition of a career change or undecided about the selection of a college transfer major.