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Merritt College named Cyber FastTrack National “Top Tier College,”
Leading California in Cyber Security Talent Discovery!

Kudos to the 42 Merritt Cyber Security students and members of Bang!NULLS (Cyber Security Club) who competed in the 2019 SANS Institute’s “Cyber Fast Track Program.” Out of 351 colleges and universities, Merritt came in #1 in the State of California and #40 in the United States! (Click here for more details.)

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Looking to start or find a new career? There are many reasons to look into the field of cybersecurity, one of the fastest-growing careers in the country, which focuses on protecting computer programs from unauthorized access.

Merritt’s fully accredited program can lead you on a career path toward working in software (Applications) or hardware (Infrastructure), and you  can earn an Associate’s Degree in Applications and Infrastructure in just two years. The program’s unique curriculum was created and is taught by industry experts and includes an internship and assistance landing a full-time job. 

You will be team-taught by industry professionals and college instructors in a hybrid format, and there are virtual lab assignments using online NETLAB+. The last three class terms are a combination of class lectures and labs as well as paid internships at local Bay Area companies to extend classroom learning. Each year students take the skills they have learned and participate (and are winners!) in the  national NCL Cybersecurity competition. 

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