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Urban Arboriculture Program

Merritt College Landscape Horticulture 
Urban Aboriculture Program 

Enrollment is now open for Fall 2019!
See the Fall 2019 class schedule HERE.

Arboriculture Classes are open to all students
(prerequisites may apply)

We successfully launched our new Arboriculture in fall 2018, and we bring you four more of our nine new courses in spring 2019. All students, regardless of declared or undeclared major, may enroll in any of our classes (find detailed info on our COURSES page). While most of our classes have recommended, rather than required prior coursework, five of our nine new Arboriculture classes do have prerequisites. For Arboriculture course (LH80 – LH88) details, see THIS pdf.

Our Degree & Certificates page now features program requirements for our two Arboriculture Certificates of Achievement (Tree Care Specialist & Tree Climber Specialist), and our  Associate of Science degree in Arboriculture. Or: THIS PDF

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