Consultation is a process of communicating curriculum proposals with colleagues and having acknowledgement and/or discussion of the curriculum proposal.

The following document is designed to present protocols for consultation, allow for increased
communication/collaboration among peers, and build consistency in curriculum across the district. This process cannot account for every consultation circumstance that may arise, yet provides a framework for which discussions may be initiated.

Consultation of courses among Colleges is necessary to ensure:

  1. Appropriate use of district resources
  2. Course delivery to students in convenient locations
  3. Adequate enrollment in all courses at all colleges
  4. Curriculum taught at more than one college has identical information per UCN policy requirements/state mandates
  5. There is no unnecessary overlap of curriculum across the district

Situations which require consultation (New or modified programs do not require consultation):

  • Requesting to clone a course from another campus, (Cloning course assumptions: Cloner will not change any items that would affect catalog or be a substantial change)
  • Developing a new course
  • Reactivating a course
  • Updating any items in the list below to an existing course

Peralta CCD Consultation Form

Please use this form any time that you create a new course, clone a course or make changes to course descriptions of existing courses that are offered at the other Peralta Colleges