Committee Membership 2022-2023

The Curriculum Committee is a committee of the Academic Senate, responsible for making recommendations on all matters relating to curriculum development and approval. Curriculum Committee faculty representatives are appointed by the Academic Senate.


 Roma Moore  Division III Faculty
 Rose Allen  Counselor
 Hilary Altman  Division I Faculty
 Courtney Brown  Division II Faculty
 LaShaune Fitch  Curriculum Specialist
 Isela Gonzalez Santana  Division I Faculty
 Steve Pantell  Articulation Officer
 Phasasha Pharr  Student Services Staff
 Beverly Brooks  Division II Faculty
 Tom Renbarger  Curriculum Chair



 Lilia Chavez  VPSS
 Chriss Foster  Division I Dean
 Jason Holloway  Division II Dean
 Denise Richardson  VPI
 Nghiem Thai  Acting Division III Dean