Get and Submit VA Certification Forms

VA Certification Enrollment Status Form

You must submit one of these Certification Forms to Merritt’s Certifying Official for EACH semester that you intend to use VA Education Benefits.  This form is the legal consent that triggers the release of your benefits. Your benefits will never be used without the consent you provide in this document.

Before filling out the Certification form, you MUST meet with the Veterans Counselor to create a Student Education Plan (SEP).  To avoid large financial penalties from the VA, the courses you list on your Certification Form MUST appear on your SEP.  Can’t remember what’s on your SEP?  No problem: go to your Passport Home Page and click the link that says “Education Plan.”

It’s OK to take courses in a different order than what appears on your SEP, and it doesn’t matter which Peralta College you take the course from.  As long as the courses on your Certification Form also appear on your SEP, you’re fine.  If you want to change majors or take classes that are NOT on your SEP, see the Veterans Counselor to revise your SEP.

If you need support on how to fill out the forms please view the following two examples. If you are a dependant veterans student please view the Dependent Example form. If you are not a dependant veteran student please view the Veteran Example form. Once you have viewed the examples please download the Fillable Form and open it using adobe reader. Once filled please rename the form by clicking on FILE and selecting RENAME. Rename the form with your first and last name. Once you are ready to save it please click on FILE and select SAVE. A copy of the filled form will be saved on your computer, then upload the renamed filled form here.

Veterans Example Form Dependents Example Form


Form Download


To submit your Certification packet, please upload the following three documents at the button below:

1. Completed, initialed, signed and dated Certification Form
2. Your Course Schedule (scan, screenshot and/or photo OK)
3. Your Student Education Plan (scan, screenshot and/or photo OK)

Submit your File