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Sociology at Merritt College aims to provide students with an understanding of how all aspects of society works; from the smallest levels of individual interaction to the operation of the largest institutions.  Students will learn sociological theories, concepts and research methods that are useful for navigating personal and professional relationships in business, politics, criminal justice, health care, agriculture, communications and other industries.  This knowledge will enable students to be competitive for sociology related to jobs and/or prepare them to pursue a B.S. in Sociology or related social sciences at the University level.

Sociology Courses

  • Soc 1:  Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 2:  Social Problems
  • Soc 3:  Sociology of Women
  • Soc 5:  Minority Groups
  • Soc 13:  Sociology of the Family
  • Soc 45:  Sociology of Sports
  • Soc 120:  Introduction to Research Methods