1. To advise on the development of budgetary policies, processes and timelines
  2. To receive and review budget proposals from departments and/or program areas and to recommend funding priorities for overall college budget
  3. To review and recommend the overall College Budget with respect to:
    1. Unrestricted General Funds
    2. Instructional Equipment and Supplies
    3. Restricted Categorical Funds
    4. Facilities Revenues and other cash receipts
  4. To review as “Information Item Only” Classified, Faculty, and Administrative Hiring Prioritization Lists (standing agenda item) as it relates to budget, potential salary savings, and position
  5. To review as “Information Item Only” all Categorical Funding and grants (including new and ongoing), as well as Student Use Fee, Measures E, Measure G, and CARES (standing agenda item)
  6. To support members of our College community in better understanding our budget process
  7. To engage in self-directed study, to meet its regulatory obligations under Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, and to maintain authority delegated by the State Chancellor’s Office
  8. To review FTES (Full Time Equivalent Students)/FTEF (Full Time Equivalent Faculty) as it relates to budget (standing agenda item)


The IEC meets the second Wednesday of each month from 3 PM to 5 PM.

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Dan Lawson

Nathan Pellegrin


Voting Members

Lilia Chavez

Mary Ciddio

Tachetta Henry

Jason Holloway

Tom Renbarger

Denise Richardson

Jamila Saleh

Maria Spencer