1. Review and update the mission statement, in conjunction with the program review cycle (every 3 years), with college-wide participation.
  2. Annually reviews District Strategic Goals and Institutional Objectives by completing the following:
    • Create/align college goals/objectives with District Goals.
    • Establish annual committee goals during the month of September.
    • Annually create and recommend institutional priorities based on the College Educational Master Plan and the District strategic educational goals.
  3. Work with administration for creation of the Planning Summit agendas that align with institutional goals.
  4. Evaluate and validate annual program updates and program reviews, using an established rubric (November/December).
  5. Review proposals and reports from shared governance entities and internal and external constituencies, make recommendations to the College Council with alignment to the College’s Educational Master Plan and priorities.
  6. At the first meeting of each academic year establish committee goals. Periodically assess the progress towards the goals and create a summary report at the end of the year for submission to College Council.
  7. Provide leadership for the Annual review and update of the College Educational Master Plan.


The IEC meets the second Wednesday of each month from 3 PM to 5 PM.




Nathan Pellegrin, Director of Research & Planning

Rebecca Uhlman, Math Department Faculty